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Emergency Exit Devices
All commercial buildings including restaurants, store fronts, offices, hospitals and schools are legally required to have properly installed and working emergency exit devices – a.k.a. “crash bars”.  Emergency exit function is a serious life safety matter and should be treated with the utmost care and highest priority. There are federal and state laws with specific guidelines regarding emergency exit devices which the professional locksmiths at Locks & More are formally trained on every year.  Tom Wells, a licensed MA Construction Supervisor and fully trained locksmith, will ensure that your business satisfies code requirements.  Peace of mind comes with knowing you have enabled a speedy and safe exit from your building in the event of a fire or other emergency. 


Call Locks & More today to discuss your specific needs. 

High security locks come in all different levels of security from restricted key duplication to pick and drill resistant locks to the overall lock construction. 

Property management companies want to restrict the tenant’s ability to duplicate the keys on apartment complex entrance-ways to control who has access to the property. When a business owner gives a key to an employee, they want to be certain no one is able to copy it. 

Do not be fooled by keys which are simply stamped “Do Not Duplicate” - only a few brands of keys and locks can truly not be duplicated without signed, authorized, written permission.  
Locks & More sells Medeco, MX8, and several other high security locking systems for your home, apartment complex or business. Call Locks & More today to discuss your specific needs. 

High Security Locks
Safes are not just for the wealthy any more. Every home should have a fire rated safe to store your personal papers, jewelry, firearm, cash and other valuables. The Federal government recommends every family have cash on hand, insurance documents, photo identification, legal papers and passports in case of a natural or man-made disaster. http://www.ready.gov/financial-preparedness

Selection and placement of your safe is critical in the decision making process. We will walk you through the process from selection to installation. Please call us to ensure your family is protected and your valuables are secure. www.gardall.com

​Commercial Services
At Locks & More we employ formally trained, hands-on locksmiths with working knowledge regarding the newest federal and state ADA and life safety codes for your business.  We will never sell you more than you need or leave your business vulnerable to code violations. We use only the best products and equipment on the market today.

​Push button Locks
As the world goes key-less, so can your home or business. Locks & More can install and maintain a push-button, key-less entry lock for you. 

◾If you want to be sure your kids don’t get locked out
◾Be able to change the combination on your own in a split second
◾Monitor who enters and when
◾Be able to unlock the door remotely with your iPhone
◾Eliminate the need to give out and keep track of multiple keys
◾Assign an individual pin code for every authorized user